Announcing Pregnancy Surprise Ideas

Announcing pregnancy is a big thing, not only for the expecting mom but for the dad and the rest of the family and even their friends, as well. Women tend to have mixed emotions when they see the results of their pregnancy test as positive. Of course, the first person they usually talk to is their husband or partner in life. Instead of saying it out right, why not add a little thrill to it to surprise the love of your life? Make him guess or leave some clues as he goes around your house if you want to. See to it that you give him the best news there is before you go announcing your pregnancy to the rest of the family and friends.

Ideas for Announcing Pregnancy

If you and your partner have checked the pregnancy kit, you should be thinking of how you can share the good news to your family and friends. Well, why not make it into a really memorable announcement then? Announcing pregnancy and baby announcement wording shouldn’t just be three words like “We are pregnant”. Fortunately, there are plenty of announcing pregnancy ideas you can find online if you are looking for more fun ways to surprise the rest of the group. Here are some examples that you might want to consider.

Announcing pregnancy cards

You can send cards to your friends and family featuring cute little booties and they will immediately get the message you are trying to send them. These cards and birth announcement templates are available online in bulk or you can go and make them on your own.

  • Announcing pregnancy party

It would be fun if you invite those who matter to you to your home, have a few drinks and dishes served before announcing the happy news. You can throw a party in honor of this good news. Share this intimate moment with those you love and enjoy the news that a new addition to the family will be coming in nine months time.

Announcing pregnancy surprise

Announcing pregnancy to family can be a good thing to plan ahead. There are many ways for you to say the news to your family that will leave them ecstatic. You can time your announcement based on a celebration. It can be Valentine’s, you and your partner’s anniversary or even Christmas. Giving away some goody bags filled with baby items may confuse them at first, but once they get to see the hint, they will eventually get to the message you are trying to send them and they will certainly love your creative way of announcing pregnancy.

There are more ways for you to spread the happy news of announcing pregnancy. It is just a matter of how creative you can be when coming up with better and more fun ways to share this happy tidings. There are quite a selection of announcing pregnancy ideas available online, which you might want to take the time to read. These ideas will help you pull off a really good announcement for everyone.